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The Goddess Suite


This series began in the early 80's when I was finishing my college coursework at the University of Minnesota, including  a course called "Woman - A Sense of Identity." The women's liberation movement was in full throttle at the time; I was not to be left behind.


I chose to demonstrate my batik painting process for the class and found the goddess theme well liked by all. I have batiked this woman whom I have since named 'Harmony' numerous times in many colors and diverse  backgrounds.




Harmony: A Spiritual Odyssey

batik on silk

artist's collection




batik on cotton

artist's collection




Harmony: Key West Respite

batik on cotton

artist's collection




Garden Stroll

water color/guoache

artists collection


These drawings are from open studio sessions at the Celery Barn, Towles Court Artists Colony, Sarasota, Fl. Michele was a professional dancer and my favorite model.



Michelle Reclining

pencil on paper

artist's collection





Michelle Standing

ink on paper

artist's collection






Open edition, signed by the artist, archival giclée prints are available from my artist's collection only. These are original batik, watercolor, and acrylic paintings which will remain in my collection. The prints are available on paper or canvas. Please email for details on sizes and prices.


All works titled ‘private collection’ have been sold as originals through my galleries and as private commissions. They will never be available as prints to ensure their collectors status.